Who's Shot Here

The Paradise Coast has a long and storied history as a favored location for productions of all types. Decades of experience hosting productions like yours assure you that you'll be welcomed and accommodated. 

Here's just a sample of some of our past productions. See anyone you know?

Recent Productions Shot in Paradise

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"/ABC Foundation Design Moon Travel Guides
"The Bachelor"/ABC Frountier Media National geographic
"The Today Show"/NBC Future Impact Consulting Nippon Television Network
Abbey Carpet GAIAM Redcats USA
ABC Football Gary Null Enterprises Rooms To Go
ADR Creative Granada UK TV Siements
Aleve Horizon Entertainment Silhouettes
Anheuser-Busch Island Girl Productions Sky Angel
Chevrolet Jessica London Sports Stuff
Commotion Films K Jordan SteinMart
Conde Nast Portfolio Lew Magram Target
CrossTown Traders Marsh Copsey + Associates The Children's Place
Film Emporium MetroMOtion The Weather Channel
Fine Living Network Monterey Bay  

Past Productions Shot in Paradise

Project When Filmed Details
Lady Without a Passport 1950 MGM, starring Hedy Lamarr. Everglades sub for Cuba.
The Barefoot Mailman 1951 Columbia, starring Robert Cummings, Terry Moore.
Distant Drums 1951 Warner Bros., directed by Raoul Walsh, starring Gary Cooper. Seminole War period piece.
Wind Across the Everglades 1958 Stars Christopher Plummer and Burl Ives. Nicholas Ray directed, screenplay by Budd Schulberg.
The Cotton Pickin' Chicken Pluckers 1960s Starring Del Reeves, Sonny Tufts, and Jerry Lee Lewis. Filmed in Lehigh Acres.
Fat Spy 1965 Starring Phyllis Diller and Jack Leonard searching for the Fountain of Youth in Cape Coral.
Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon 1970 Paramount, Directed by Otto Preminger, starring Liza Minnelli.
Night Moves 1975 Gene Hackman, Melanie Griffth directed by Arthur Penn (Sanibel),WB.
A Flash of Green 1983 Victor Nunez, Starring Ed Harris.
Day of the Dead 1984 Directed by George Romero.
Blue Sky 1990 Starring Jessica Lange and Tommy Lee Jones. Scenes filmed on Captiva Island in 1990 by Heathrow Productions. Finally released in 1994 by Orion Pictures. Jessica Lange won the Best Actress Oscar for her performance. Director Tony Richardson died in 1991.
Miss America: Behind the Crown 1992 Movie of the Week filmed by Katz-Rush Entertainment. Starred the real Miss Hawaii who became Miss America.
Just Cause 1994 Warner Bros. Starring Sean Connery, Laurence Fishburne, Blair Underwood and Kate Capshaw. Released in 1995.
Captiva Island 1994 Starring Ernest Borgnine, Artie Johnson and Jesse Zeigler. Captiva Films. Theatrical release in Florida, foreign distribution in many countries, finally appeared on HBO in the U.S.
Still Green 2005 Starring Sarah Jones (Big Love, Huff), Noah Segan (Brick, The Brothers Bloom), Ryan Kelley (Smallville, Mean Creak), and Douglas Spain (Band of Brothers, But I'm a Cheerleader)


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